Gyrokinesis®® is the kind of exercise that is best done several times a week, to allow for assimilation of the work into the body.  It's deep and profound movement, integrating breath with strength and flexibility.  The benefits I get from GyroK permeate all the other classes I take at the gym, my work—and my life.  The way we work our bodies in GyroK class facilitates power and grace, qualities embodied and modeled by our instructor, Linda Minarik.  Linda is a great instructor.  Her vast breadth of knowledge and experience is palpable.  She exudes competence, confidence, and humor that make being in her classes comfortable, completely satisfying, and fun.  In addition, Linda has a great eye for form, demonstrating skill and caring in her corrections with each of us at our greatly varying skill levels.  For someone like me, who needs a bit of motivation to exercise, a person who can inspire me to wish I was in class when I'm not there, get on a subway to go to class (in the morning, no less!), enjoy it when I get there, and be glad I came when it's over—is just magic! I have never experienced that in my pursuit of fitness until these classes.  GyroK classes form the core of my fitness regimen.     —Evelyn Li, L.Ac., L.M.T.  


I have been taking the Tuesday morning Gyrokinesis® class at 56th street for the last 4 months, and must say it has had a major impact on my overall body flexibility.  It has positively impacted my weight training and yoga practices.  This class is extremely beneficial for a well rounded routine, as it works the entire body through focused spinal movement.  The class is so impactful to me because of the instructor.  Linda is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated instructor.  I must say I was a little leery of taking the class at first because I was the only male student.  However, Linda was very welcoming, and is one of the few instructors who truly cares about her students and takes the time to correct and instruct in the latest principles of Gyrokinesis®.  I have been a member for over 30 years and would like to see more class instructors like Linda who are as dedicated and truly make a difference to the members of the NYHRC.    —Phil Puma, New York Health & Racquet Club Member 


Imagine a sound night's sleep, less body tension, and, in general, moving about with more ease and flexibility.  This and much more is all possible with the MELT Method.  The technique is so easy to learn, and the various routines do not take a long time to practice.  In my first class with Linda I felt immediate results, and have been a regular student ever since.  The neck release is just amazing in how quickly and consistently it works to remove tension.  And for someone like me with tight hamstrings, the foot treatment allows me to touch my fingertips to the floor easily now, which also relieves low-back pain.  The benefits of MELT are multi-fold, and with Linda's clear and engaging instruction the practice is ever-evolving.  A life-changing experience indeed!   —Kristine Pidkameny, Conscious Curator for the Mind, Body, and Spirit 


I am writing to express my gratitude to the NY Health & Racquet Club for having Linda Minarik as a teacher.  In the decade since I signed up for the club, I have taken many different classes with excellent teachers.  But when I discovered Linda's classes—first Gyrokinesis®, and then MELT—I reached an entirely new appreciation for the dedication the club shows to its members by engaging quality teachers who have a deep knowledge of the form and the movement of their practice, and are able to take the time to educate students about the philosophy of the exercise, not only the motions themselves.  I have had issues with back pain for a very long time, and I was incredibly relieved to find how strong and supple my back became over time with weekly and bi-weekly classes with Linda.  Her explanations are serious, intensive, and comprehensive.  She is able to introduce complicated concepts to students of all levels without "dumbing down" the explanations, in a way that leaves room for long-term practitioners such as myself to continue to learn in her classes several years after beginning them.  I appreciate her dedication to GyroK and MELT, and I recognize the positive influence they—and she—have made in my health and in my life.   —Nicole, New York Health & Racquet Club Member 


Linda is one of the best instructors HRC has.  She is a professional who gives a varied but comprehensive class each time.  She is also a conscientious and caring teacher who observes each student closely and gently corrects any defects in form or execution.   —Ruth Ryer, New York Health & Racquet Club Member 


I have had the honor and pleasure of experiencing Linda Minarik's work as a Gyrokinesis® instructor, MELT instructor and—last but not least—Water Aerobics instructor.  Linda provides a caring professional and energetic atmosphere woven with warmth, understanding, great technical expertise, integrity, and humor.  She is able to interpret movements to suit each individual's needs, and offers highly developed communication skills in helping a student adjust alignment while in session.  Her style of physical and energetic work helps to restore the body's internal balance.  As a direct result of her classes I have experienced increased flexibility and mobilization, postural re-alignment, improved circulation, relaxation, quieting of the mind, and a sense of new awareness.  All of these combined reflect Linda's efforts in and dedication to the health-and-fitness industry.  I highly respect and regard Linda as a responsible and valued educator.   —Nuri Wernick, New York Health & Racquet Club Member, Massage Therapist, Small Business Owner 


I want to share with you my excitement after attending this morning's Gyrokinesis® class at the 56th Street gym.  I'm an accountant who works long hours during audit season so, due to my busy work schedule, I missed last week's class.  I also missed my regular Sunday MELT classes.  So, when I walked into Gyrokinesis® this morning, I had a serious pain in my lower back.  But 60 minutes later when I walked out, I didn't feel the pain anymore!  It's so amazing that I want to tell everyone I know about this class!  I've been taking the class for some time now, but today's class was very different from the previous ones.  Linda has incorporated new exercises from her recent Gyrokinesis® update.  I really appreciate that she constantly upgrades her knowledge of her subject.   —Lean Lim, New York Health & Racquet Club Member 


After beginning to practice the MELT Method, my body now speaks to me more.  I am becoming aware of the corrections my body has made due to constant desk sitting and cycling.  I use MELT to counteract.  It works to open my hips and bring joy and flexibility to my body.   —Vinny Bonanno, Spin Instructor